Winter Car Buying Tips

January 5th, 2015 by
You Can Beat Winter Better In A Used Car From Merchants Auto

Ready to bust the winter cold? Need to feel safer when handling winter roads? Merchants Auto can get you into a newer vehicle that offers great features for winter living. Manchester bad credit car financing can be your key to a new car.

Heated Seats
Heated seats, once just a novelty, are featured on many recent models. You can find them on nonpremium cars like Fords and Chevys as well as on luxury brands like Audi and BMW. A quick link to heated seats shows you the selection. Some vehicles even offer rear heat systems to keep your kids, friends or clients warmer. You may even be able to find a car with rear heated seats. If you visit our lot, our staff can help you find these features on affordable used cars Concord.Greater Visibility
As many as half of the Merchants Auto inventory features fog lights, often a costly addition to new cars. A number of cars now offer heated side mirrors. Snow, ice, frost and rain are easily erased when you have this handy feature. Rain sensing wipers can make a frustrated driver’s life easier.

All Wheel Drive
Many of today’s SUVs feature intelligent all wheel drive. This saves on fuel while ensuring better winter handling. For affordable used cars Concord with all wheel drive, you’ll find 4×4 pickups and AWD SUVs at Merchants Auto.

If you are worried about Manchester bad credit car financing, remember that Merchants Auto subscribes to a Buy Here, Pay Here philosophy. Our financial counselors can help you find the vehicle you need that will keep you warmer this winter. You can apply for financing online.

Just stop by Manchester Auto and let our staff help you find a vehicle that will improve your life this winter.

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