Used Toyotas Available Now at Merchants Auto

September 15th, 2018 by

Toyota tends to lead among automakers as a manufacturer of durable, high quality cars, trucks and SUVs. In recent years, Toyota has maintained a lead in technology, in fuel economy, and in safety. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for used Toyota Manchester NH shoppers.


At a much earlier date than most manufacturers, Toyota began putting a touchscreen and a rearview camera on the majority of its cars. You’ll appreciate Entune for Bluetooth audio streaming. Some models offer a GPS navigation app.

Fuel Economy
Everyone has heard about Toyota’s hybrid technology. However, you don’t have to get a hybrid to get good fuel economy from a Toyota. If you want a car that pays you back at the pump, you are very likely to find it in a used Toyotas Manchester NH at Merchants Auto.

Toyota has a good safety record that dates far back. Most of its vehicles have managed to get the five-star federal safety rating. You may find some with Toyota-exclusive whiplash-lessening seats or ten airbags. The Merchants Auto staff can tell you more about the safety systems on our Toyota inventory.

Crash Avoidance
Toyota has been offering a lane keeper and a forward collision warning system for a while. This makes it more likely that you can nab these features in a used Toyota. Buying a higher trim level is always easier when you are buying used.

Kelley Blue Book, JD Power and other analysts give Toyotas an overall high rating year after year. Used Toyotas, therefore, are a good bet for your future.

Find a used Toyota now at Merchants Auto. Ask our staff about financing. Get pre-approved.