Used Car Loans in Greater Hooksett

September 22nd, 2014 by
Have you had trouble getting used car loans in Hooksett? At Merchants Auto we work with Hooksett customers to get around bad credit and get into a good car. We make it our business to find fair rates for you, regardless of your credit history. We see the difference that it makes for our customers to afford reliable transportation. After all, this is New Hampshire, and driving a car is a necessity not a mere convenience.

The Other Guys
At Merchants Auto, we are well aware of the other guys, and you may be too. These are the big banks and other auto lenders who focus solely on your credit history. They don’t look at who you are or treat you like a person when you seek used car loans in Hooksett. They see you as a number, and they turn you down without really considering whether your current situation warrants a second look.

A Second Chance
Merchants Auto built its reputation on giving people a second chance. Our quality used cars in Greater Hooksett are not the only reason we were voted the number one dealership for 17 years in a row. It’s also the way we work to get financing for our customers. Our goal is to get each person into the car that he or she needs. We see families who are seeking a bigger car for their growing kids. We see commuters who need a fuel efficient car for their daily drive. We see young people who need to build credit history with a first car loan and others who are just looking for a second chance. Merchants Auto can help you repair your credit history as we help you afford a quality used car.Come find out why Dealer Rater declared us #1 in New Hampshire for 2014. You will find fair auto financing and a large inventory of quality used cars in Greater Hooksett at Merchants Auto.

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