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January 23rd, 2015 by
When Is The Best Time to Buy?

2015 Honda FitIf you are wondering when the best time to buy is, there’s a simple answer: when you are ready. Merchants Auto makes favorable deals available year round by offering good used cars in New Hampshire. Since our cars are used, they are naturally more affordable. They also offer more of the good stuff (heated seats, advanced dash tech, etc.) at lower prices than new cars.

1. How Is Your Current Car?
If your car keeps failing, it may be costing you more than it would cost to get into one of our good used cars Manchester. Certain preowned cars come with a three year engine repair agreement. The trick is to trade your car while it is still running and get a car that won’t drag you down with extraordinary repair bills. Value your trade.

2. Do You Have a Down Payment?
A down payment isn’t always necessary at Merchants Auto. We know that buying used means that you are on a budget. However, if you are the type that likes to start out ahead of the game, a down payment is a good idea. Don’t use your bonus or tax refund for a cruise when you could get good used cars Manchester.

3. How is Your Credit?
While your credit score will affect your loan, did you know that this also works in the reverse? If you want to raise your credit score, the fastest way is to pay regularly on an auto loan. If you need bad credit car financing Manchester, Merchants Auto can help.

If you see a car you like at Merchants Auto, we recommend grabbing it. Our cars go quickly, and a good deal won’t last long. Contact our advisers about bad credit car financing Manchester.

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