Ten Reasons to Buy From Merchants Auto

December 22nd, 2015 by

Here are ten reasons to shop with Merchants Auto. We could give you more, if you have time to visit.
1. Big. More choices make it easier to find what you want.
2. Independent. Our dealership is independent of big business interests. We answer to our customers not stock-holders.
3. Different Brands. With so many different brands side by side, it is comparison shopping on steroids, and it is good for the shopper who really likes to find the best deal.
4. Ford. Nissan. Chevy. Toyota. With so many choices from each of these brands, Merchants Auto competes with brand dealers, and competition is always good for consumers.
5. SUVs. With so many sport utility vehicles in one place, you’ll quickly identify the ones that suit your lifestyle and budget. Bad credit Hooksett NH isn’t an obstacle here. Use our free credit score tool.
6. Financing. With a broad range of lenders on tap, we can offer competitive financing. Don’t settle on a loan until you give us a chance to beat that deal. Get pre-approved now.
7. Buy Here Pay Here. Bad credit Hooksett NH isn’t an obstacle. We have helped many consumers get back behind the wheel after a divorce, job loss, or other difficulty.
8. CarFax. You’ll enjoy that extra measure of security that comes from knowing a car’s true history.
9. Warranty. Our powertrain coverage is just one advantage of buying certified cars from Merchants Auto.
10. Full Inspection. Every car has undergone an exhaustive inspection by our team of certified mechanics.

Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Merchants Auto for the best deals today.

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