Spring into a New Truck

May 1st, 2015 by

Ford TruckWhen winter gives way to spring, there will be lots of chores to be done and big jobs to be accomplished. A pickup truck just makes it easier. Merchants Auto makes it easier, too, by offering a big inventory of trucks at used car prices. If you need a pickup, the staff at our used car dealer Manchester NH can answer your questions about durability, capability and features.

Merchants Auto carries many brands of trucks. At any given time, you will find Ford F150s and Chevy Silverados side by side. You can compare their features and try out their cabins for size. GMC Sierras offer a more luxurious ride in a big, light duty truck. Toyota Tacomas offer a midsized truck with better gas mileage and a lower pricetag. Of course, all of these trucks are priced to move. It is our goal to bring high value used pickups trucks to our customers. If you see one that you like, remember that it pays to act fast. Financing is easy, too.

It is our goal to offer you a wide range of choices in styles, trims and sizes. Luxury trims such as the F150 Platinum come packed with great extras like leather seats and navigation. Hardworking editions with regular cabs and less frills offer value pricing. Different powertrains offer differing levels of cargo and payload. Beds may be 5.5-, 6- or even 8-feet long, depending on your choice of one-row or two-row cabins. If you can’t find the truck you need, our car finder service will find one with the capabilities and features that you want.

Find your next truck at Merchants Auto, used car dealer Manchester NH. We offer CarFax for your peace of mind.

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