Smart Talk for Tough Times

January 26th, 2016 by

When your credit is bad and your car has run its last mile, times are tough. There is a solution, if you are willing to go for it. That solution is Merchants Auto financing. With Buy Here Pay Here Manchester NH, your luck can turn around fast.
Apply for Financing
You can save time by applying online for financing. Merchants offers a safe and secure way to find out how much you can borrow. You can get pre-approved quickly. There’s no reason to hesitate with this fast and effective process. You’ll have the information you need to get the car you need. Our dealership has been helping people with credit challenges for three decades. It is part of our mission as a leading used car dealer. You won’t find this neighbor-oriented attitude at the big lenders or at corporate sales shops like CarMax.
Multiple Lenders
Since our staff works with multiple lenders, Merchants Auto is well-positioned to find the deals that others can’t. Many other online finance services just want to you to borrow from them. That’s not our game. As your neighbors, our staff recognizes that you deserve a more personal touch. With our Buy Here Pay Here Manchester NH policies, we want tofind a loan that lets you get the car you need.
Big Selection
Of course, your choice is up to you. We have a big selection and a range of prices. This is the place to find three-row family SUVS and minivans. It’s also the place that many people find the work truck that they need. From cars to crossovers, you’ll find it all here.