Small Family Cars Can Still Be Spacious

September 22nd, 2016 by

If you need a family car, but your budget is limited, there are some excellent choices. At Merchants Auto, our inventory includes such cars as the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla. You’ll find enough wiggle room without breaking the bank. When you visit, ask our staff about small sedan choices.

More Features
In the past, smaller cars often got left out when it came to features. However, if you look at Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics, and similar cars, you’ll often find that they offer the same features as their bigger siblings. The key is to find the right trim level, and that is certainly cheaper when you are buying used. If you need financing, it’s easy to get started. Our loan process will help you overcome bad credit Hooksett NH.

Better Backseats
Carmakers have focused on making the backseat more hospitable for growing teens and adults. There’s also been an emphasis on making sure that the seats are configured for carseats. With LATCH attachments at each position on the back row, parents can easily put an infant carrier on one side and a toddler seat on the other.

Safer and Smarter
Small cars are also safer and smarter than they were ten years ago. Many have steel-beams in the doors and crumple zones in the front and back. These features take the brunt of any impact. Some cars have added airbags such as a driver’s kneebag.

Stop by and test drive a small sedan for your family. You’ll find a large selection of today’s best small cars at Merchants Auto. Ask our staff about overcoming bad credit Hooksett NH.