Shop Local at Merchants Auto

December 4th, 2015 by

If you like to put your money back into the community, then you will be happy to know that Merchants Auto is locally owned and operated. We put our money back into the community rather than fund shares in a big corporation. What does this mean for you?
Local Staff
Our staff includes your neighbors. We live and drive here in New Hampshire. We know the special challenges that face our residents. Our inventory buyers look for the types of vehicles that will serve New Hampshire drivers best.
Big Inventory
Unlike the average local dealer, our inventory often exceeds 400 vehicles. This means you can shop locally while looking through an inventory as large as any corporate dealership. You’ll find all types of cars, SUVs, and trucks. You’ll even find some commercial vans and heavy duty pickups among our used cars Hooksett NH.
Good Prices
While smaller local dealers offer higher prices, our large inventory lets us offer better deals. We recognize that many people are on a budget. That’s why we deal in used cars Hooksett NH. Our budget cars offer a good value at an affordable price every day.
Great Financing
Our financing staff follows our Buy Here Pay Here policy to the letter. This means you are more likely to get a loan from us than from large corporate lenders. We work hard to secure financing for the person, regardless of credit score.
Good Price on Your Trade
As a bigger dealer, we can offer a good price on your trade. When you shop with a local dealership rather than a corporation, you’ll feel good about the deal.

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