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January 2nd, 2015 by

Bankruptcy 101: Securing an Auto Loan

During bankruptcy, it is generally not possible to get an auto loan. However, when Chapter 7 is complete, there is a way to get a bad credit auto loan in New Hampshire at Merchants Auto. At this point, you need to rebuild your credit as much as you need a good car to drive.
Stay in Place or Move Forward?
Depression is common before, during and after bankruptcy. Yet, when it’s over, you need to move forward. Staying in place won’t help. Sure it won’t happen immediately, but you can find your financial footing. The first step may simply be walking into Merchants Auto and finding out about the types of bad credit car loans in New Hampshire. You may be surprised at the information we have and the ways we can help you.

Re-establishing Credit
After bankruptcy, a person needs to re-establish credit, but lenders don’t make that easy. Merchants Auto, voted #1 by AutoRater, has made it our business to find loans for people who have survived bankruptcy. It’s a gamble for us, but we believe in your ability to land on your feet. A New Hampshire bad credit car loan helps our clients as they rebuild their credit. Making regular car loan payments is considered one of the best ways to rebuild your score with the credit rating institutions. Value your trade.

Once you are determined, you can succeed after bankruptcy. The first stop is Merchants Auto, where our qualified staff can walk you through the loan process. Then we can help you find a car in our large inventory. Having a good car to drive will make it easier for you to live your life again. Many of our vehicles are eligible for the Merchants Auto for Life guarantee.
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