Nissan and Mapei turn it up to 11

September 5th, 2014 by

Once upon a time, going to see a concert was no big deal. Now that the days of our youth have gone by and many of us here at Merchants Auto have families to think about, babysitters to call and hotel rooms to book, it’s been a good long while since we found ourselves in a mosh pit. Lucky for us, our favorite automaker here at Merchants Auto has us covered.

As part of their #OffTheStage campaign, the brass at Nissan have been inviting some of today’s hottest up-and-coming bands to perform their hit songs behind the wheel of their models. This time around, they’ve invited Mapei to put on a show in the Nissan Altima. Needless to say, you’ll want to give a watch to the finished product below.

Or if the sight of this mobile concert has you itching for test drive in one of our used Nissan models, feel free to roll the windows down and turn the music up here in Hooksett, NH. Good times await.

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