Merchants Offers Budget Deals

June 16th, 2015 by

Merchants Auto has begun offering budget deals that you can find on the website. You will find selections with plans starting at $150 per month. How can you get these deals? Check them out online and then talk to the folks at Merchants Auto, your used car dealer Manchester NH.
CarFax Certification
The affordable nature of these payment plans may lead some to expect the cars to be substandard. However, our online budget deals include mostly recent models cars. They have CarFax certification and many are CarFax 1-Owner cars. They have reasonable gas mileage and are often just a few years old. All of this adds up to a really big value, especially if the new car warranties are still in effect. This could be a win/win for the person who grabs the deal while it is available. That’s the key to these deals. They come and go quickly. If you see one, act fast. Once an offer is accepted, another similar offer may not take its place. Apply for financing.
Merchants Auto serves its customers by providing competitive financing. For those with low credit scores, we can find the best possible deals to fit your budget. It is always our goal to move our cars quickly. This puts you in the driver’s seat. We want to sell, and if you want to buy, we want your business. Our budget deals reflect this commitment. If you see a deal on the website, don’t hesitate to call us at 663-609-4100. You can also use the chat function to talk to our staff online. Better yet, drop by the lot and let us show you the cars that you like.

Test drive your choice at Merchants Auto, your used car dealer Manchester NH.

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