Merchants Auto Reviews used Volkswagens

January 1st, 2019 by

If you are looking for a used car, you are going to want something safe, affordable, and most importantly, reliable. A used Volkswagen can provide you with all of this and more no matter what model you choose to go with. With over 30 different types of Volkswagen vehicles to choose from in just the past decade, you are sure to find something that meets your every need.


It’s no secret that Volkswagen is known for their compact cars. The most popular car, the Beetle, also known as a “SlugBug” in it’s earlier models, has been a household name for decades. With the new redesign, it has gained a mass following from those who are attracted to it’s small, yet stylish look.

Another popular used Volkswagen car is the Golf. It is offered in 4 different models including the Golf, Golf GTI, E-Golf, and the sporty Golf R. These different models appealed to everyone from the daily commuter to the performance minded driver. These vehicles were reliable, great on gas, and hold their value quite well making them a great investment.


For those wanting a Volkswagen that is capable of holding more passengers or can comfortable fit a car seat, a used Volkswagen sedan might be a better choice. Aside from their compacts, VW’s second most popular lineup is their sedan selection with the most popular choice being the Volkswagen Jetta. The Jetta is a fuel efficient, compact sedan that has been popular with new and used car customers for years. Volkswagen has constantly improved every aspect of the Jetta making it more efficient and safer year after year.

If you are wanting a little more room or just a bigger car overall, then a used Volkswagen Passat may be a better choice. This midsize sedan features all of the latest technology of it’s time with comfortable room for four.


With more and more people making the switch to larger vehicles, a used Volkswagen SUV could be a great choice for you. With choices such as the Tiguan, the Tiguan Limited, the Atlas, and many more, you really can’t go wrong with a VW SUV. Much like their compacts and sedans, the SUV lineup has always features the best in technology, performance, and safety features. From compact SUVS to family SUVS in many different trim levels, finding the right Volkswagen SUV will never be a problem. Built with the highest qualities, used VW SUVs retain their value without showing their age.


The last lineup we would like to discuss and one of the most spacious is the Volkswagen Wagons. Featuring great models such as the Golf SportWagen, Golf Alltrack, and many more, finding a used Volkswagen Wagon with the features you want is never a problem. A wagon is a great choice for those wanting he smaller frame of a sedan but the space of an SUV all built into one. They get great gas mileage and are always fun to drive no matter what type of commute or road trip you have.