Merchants Auto Reviews Used Ford Mustangs

August 2nd, 2018 by

Few cars have the staying power of the Ford Mustang. Recent advancements have made this icon even better. This sports cars is often found in the huge inventory at Merchants Auto used car dealer Concord NH.

Fast and Furious

Every Mustang is fast. Some are so fast that owners may need a track where they can exercise maximum horsepower. With this car, drivers will feel like they own the road. Ford engineers try to bring every element into play. This means performance-oriented suspensions, advanced shocks, stronger brakes, and smarter transmissions.

Open Air
Mustangs often come with a sunroof, or they are a convertible. It’s just another reason these are such a good match for driving enthusiasts.

Handsome and Sporty
The cabins are always sporty with some fun aspects such as racy red stitching or racecar-inspired gauges. More recent models are sure to have the latest dash tech with streaming audio choices. Some will have heated front seats to help owners on cold days.

Curb Appeal
The best thing about the Mustang may not be how fast it goes or how comfortable it is. For some, the best thing is the iconic good looks. Each year there are changes that make each Mustang special. Some become collector’s items, and all of them turn heads. There’s just something sexy about these pony cars.

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