Merchants Auto Reviews used Corollas

April 16th, 2019 by

One of Toyota’s most popular vehicles for both quality and reliability is the Corolla. The Corolla is a 4 door compact sedan that provides great fuel economy, years of dependability, and a price point that won’t break the bank. These qualities help to make used Corollas highly sought after and here at Merchant’s Auto, we have plenty to choose from.

The Corolla dates back to the 1960s and while you can still find some, we are going to focus on the more recent used Corollas of the past couple of decades today. Since the early 2000s, Toyota has really improved on the compact sedan making it safer, more reliable, more fuel efficient, and more technologically advanced.

Take a closer look at some of the Corolla’s most standout features to give you a better look at why purchasing a used Corolla from Merchants Auto can be a great choice for you.

One of the most popular features of any Toyota vehicle is the dependability and reliability of the vehicle. Toyota vehicles are well known for reaching higher mileage than most of their competitors without skipping a beat. The Corolla is no different, making even used, high mileage Corollas a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable vehicle. The fuel efficient motors make for less wear and tear to ensure you get the most from your vehicle.

Fuel Economy
When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Toyota Corolla was always at the top of its class, making it a popular choice for college kids, commuters, and anyone who was looking to save a little money on gas. With fuel efficient motors and a smaller sedan frame, the Corolla had no problem getting great gas mileage while still providing enough power to do everything you needed your sedan to do.

Budget Pricing
With a fuel efficient, technology filled sedan, you would thing that the price point of a Toyota Corolla would be a little higher, but that is certainly not the case. Toyota has priced their Corollas lower than most of the competition, making them a great car for those who have a smaller budget. These lower prices translate to lower used Corolla prices as well, making them a perfect starter car for those on a budget.

Up To Date Technology
Toyota ensures that all of their vehicles have the latest and greatest technology and safety features for a safe and pleasurable driving experience. The Corolla, like all of Toyota’s vehicles, is offered with many different trim levels to choose from, each with their own technology features. You can choose from the base model, standard features up to the fully loaded, best of the best Corolla with all of the bells and whistles.

As a compact sedan, the Corolla can be used for many different things. While most use them for simple commuting, they make great family cars for those with smaller families and ar an excellent choice for a company vehicle where you can commute with up to 4 people.