Merchants Auto Reviews the 2014 Ford F150

September 18th, 2017 by

The 2014 Ford F150 is the ultimate used vehicle. Why? There is no doubt about its durability or its strength. Every F150 is put through grueling tests during its design phase to make sure that it can do the job for years to come. When you see used Ford F150s Manchester NH in the Merchants Auto inventory, act fast. These pickups are in high demand.
Every material and element of the Ford F150 has been chosen for strength. Engine components are made to withstand the heat of hard work. Interior design is aimed at pleasing a busy driver. Even if there are miles on the speedometer, the truck has many more miles ahead. That is the natural promise of the F150, and it is one of the reasons that it is the best selling truck in the United States. In fact, it outsells every other vehicle. It is also the reason that Ford is considered the leading truck company.
The 2014 lineup includes V6, turbo V6, and V8 engines. Ford Ecoboost engines reduce fuel use. This is a help to the family or business bottom line. You can expect good towing and payload capability. If you need a good four-by-four drivetrain and high ground clearance, Ford has you covered. Our staff can help you match up the right truck specifications to what you do every day. Value your trade.
While some Ford F150s have just the basics, many come packed with today’s must-have amenities. You can heat the seats against the cold, enjoy luxurious leather, and crank up internet radio.
Used Ford F150s Manchester NH are on tap now at Merchants Auto.