Merchants Auto Reviews the 2012 Jeep Wrangler

June 26th, 2017 by

What is more American than apple pie? That would be the 2012 Jeep Wrangler. It has a history dating back to when it helped the U.S. win World War II. This is a real SUV with the four-wheel drive to prove it. You can find it and other great rides at Merchants Auto used car dealer Manchester NH.
Better Performance
2012 marked the first year that Jeep used its current V6 engine. This Pentastar was an instant hit. Compared to the earlier years, this engine weighs about 90 pounds less. That is thanks to the aluminum block used in its manufacturing. It doesn’t need special gasoline either. Best of all, it cranks out 285 horsepower. Compared to the prior year, that was a big jump from 202 horsepower. Likewise, the new engine cranks torque up from 237 to 260 lb.-ft. Drivers enjoy a much more responsive ride as a result.
Fun Features
You can look the whole world over and never find anything more original than the open-air Wrangler. High ground clearance is paired with tight-fitted bumpers, giving you more leeway when you take to the trail. The top and doors can be removed for a dune buggy feeling. The windshield folds down, too. Water sealants and skid plates allow it to go further into the wildnerness with less concern for its vital components. On the floor, drain plugs let you simply wash away the dirt. Regular Wranglers are four-seaters while Wrangler Unlimiteds have five seats and a larger cargo hold.
For a closer look at used Jeep Wranglers, check out our selection. You can take a test drive at Merchants Auto used car dealer Manchester NH.