Merchants Auto Reviews Ford SUVs

June 19th, 2018 by

Ford SUVs come in several sizes, which makes shoppers happy. If you are looking for the right used Ford SUV, consider the large selection of used SUVs Manchester NH at Merchants Auto. Our goal is to provide you with the exact SUV that fits your lifestyle.

Ford Escape
All Ford SUVs start with E, which makes them easy to idenfity. The smallest is the Escape, but it is big inside. Easy to park and highly maneuverable, Ford designed this SUV for urban spaces. Yet it has plenty of room for a family of 3, 4, or 5.

Ford Edge
The Edge provides you with a bigger backseat area and a bigger cargo hold. For families who are growing, this may be the right choice. An Edge is more of a premium ride, making it nicer and better appointed than some of its rivals.

Ford Explorer and Expedition
These two SUVs are big and bigger three-row rides. If your family is big or you just have a big carpool, either of these may be the right one for you. The Explorer has been and continues to be extremely popular with families. Merchants Auto tries to keep these on hand for busy parents who want a bigger vehicle. Unfortunately, they move fast so if you see one in our inventory, act fast. You’ll want to grab that deal.

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