Merchants Auto Reviews Dodge Grand Caravan

April 11th, 2017 by

Big families need a minivan. It’s just easier for the kids. There are many choices, and you’ll find the Grand Caravan and a variety of other minivan choices at Merchants Auto. We recommend watching our inventory regularly to learn which minivans we have on site. You can also ask our staff to help you keep watch for your favorite. Financing is available even for those with bad credit Hooksett NH.

Meet the Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge vehicles have much in common with others in their family such as Chrysler and Jeep. In the case of the Grand Caravan, the nearest companion is the Chrysler Town and Country. Since the Grand Caravan isn’t as expensive as the Town and Country, you’ll find that the prices are lower and much more manageable, especially since you are purchasing a used Grand Caravan. Yet you can get many comparable features to the pricey Chrysler Town and Country. The two minivans have special stow-n-go seating that makes them extremely versatile. You can seat a crowd or fold away the seats to create an enormous cargo area. This is great if you are moving across town or taking a student to college. It helps with big box store purchases and takes care of your latest furniture find on Craig’s List. In some cases, Dodge Grand Caravans have built-in booster seats and other special assets for families. Please ask our staff to tell you more about these minivans and their rivals. We want you to drive away happy.

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