Merchants Auto Reviews Chevy Cruze Sedans

June 5th, 2018 by

Why has the public loved the Chevrolet Cruze? When it was first introduced, the Cruze surprised everyone with its high quality interior and relatively spacious build. Chevrolet offers it in a wide variety of colors, trims and engine choices. This, too, has made it popular because the car can match so many different lifestyles.

For Singles and Couples
The Chevrolet Cruze is a sporty small sedan. It is fun to drive. Shoppers can find one with great gas mileage and save money during their daily commute. The car is large enough for adult friends but small enough to be priced right. You won’t hesitate to take a trip since your trunk is plenty big for your luggage. As for entertainment, Chevys offer the latest touchscreen technologies and Bluetooth streaming audio.

For Families
The Cruze has become a major choice for families. An accommodating backseat takes care of kids and carseats. Often these cars have ten airbags. They certainly strive to keep everyone safe by providing advanced traction and stability tools. Families will appreciate that these are reliable, durable sedans that keep operating costs low. Good fuel economy is always a good partner for the family budget.

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