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January 30th, 2015 by

Lights Out: What’s Happening to My Car

Auto ServiceAs a leading provider of Manchester NH car repairs, Merchants Auto sees many consumers who have a problem related to lights. Here’s a quick run down of common problems and how to fix them fast. With such long winter nights, New Hampshire drivers can’t afford to be without their interior or exterior lights. Use our online repair scheduler for service at your convenience.

Of course, the leading cause of “lights out” is the bulb. Merchants Auto can quickly replace your headlights, taillights, fog lamps, and brake lights. With so many hours of night driving during the winter, it is essential to be seen. Try us for your Concord NH auto repair.

Sometimes a dead light is the result of a blown fuse. We can provide new fuses and help you get the lights on again. Neosha NH car repair is our specialty.

Occasionally, the reason that a headlight, taillight or fog lamp goes out is a leaky lens. If your bulb keeps going out, have our qualified service technicians check for a crack. Merchants Auto can install a replacement quickly and inexpensively. Once the water can’t get in, your bulb should last as long as the manufacturer’s warranty.

Electrical System
Sometimes a Concord NH auto repair problem goes beyond one light. It may be a fault in the electrical system that puts out exterior or interior lights. This may be a sign of something serious. Let our well-trained technicians take a look at your electrical system and find the problem. Learn more about electrical systems.
From changing a light bulb to a serious repair, the technicians at Merchants Auto are well-trained and well-equipped to handle it. You can schedule service online for Neosha NH car repair.

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