Merchants Auto Helps Our Drivers De-Ice

January 13th, 2014 by

How about this winter thing, eh?

While this winter may not exactly have been as snowy as we were anticipating at our Hooksett, NH dealership, if there’s one thing it has been, it’s icy. And that makes it an entirely different ballgame. So, building on our November post that gave you a few handy winter tips, we’d like to give you some advice about the ice, as well.

Big thing people worry about with ice is traction. You know how it is–you park, and the next thing you know, your tires are six inches deep in slush and you can’t get out. There’s actually an easy solution for that. It’s called kitty litter.

Yup, you read that right. Just sprinkle a little bit under your drive wheels (front or back, depending on your car) and it’ll help you get the traction you need to get out of your tight spot.

There’s another thing ice can do that you may not know. Driving over hard chunks in driveways and in parking lots can cause some wear to your brake and fuel lines. To alleviate that, a stop at our service center might be in order to make sure your properly tuned.

Here at Merchants Auto, we don’t just sell used cars, we help you stay on the road no matter what the conditions. So, if there’s a car you’ve had your eye on, or you want tips maintaining your current vehicle, just get in touch with the folks at our dealership, serving the greater Manchester, NH area.

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