Know Your Credit Score Before You Go

August 7th, 2015 by

If you want to know your credit score before you go car shopping, Merchants Auto is ready to help. You can do this one of two ways without paying a fee to anyone. Once you know, you’ll be ready to tackle financing issues and delve into the fun of choosing a new-to-you car or SUV.
Credit Estimator
The first way to find out your score is to use our online credit score estimator. This will give you an approximate number, allowing you to decide if the time is right to go shopping. It is important to note, however, that even if you havebad car credit Manchester NH, it is always a good time to shop at Merchants Auto because we specialize in overcoming poor credit issues.
Get Pre-Approval
If you get pre-approved for a loan at Merchants Auto, the process will reveal your credit score. Many of our customers really appreciate the ability to do this from the privacy of their own home. You’ve got all of your financial papers at your fingertips, and the simple online forms make it easy to get started. If you run into difficulties, you’ll get help from the qualified experts at Merchants Auto. The process is free and fairly straight-forward. Some people are surprised that they can get a loan without the hassles that they face at big new car dealerships. At Merchants Auto, we have always specialized in matching good cars to good people with the best possible financing. Whether your credit is in great shape or you have bad car credit Manchester NH, you’ll find more options at Merchants.
Overcoming Poor Credit
Our finance department will help you overcome a poor credit score. We can find you a favorable loan and help you reestablish a good credit rating. Many of our customers have learned that paying a regular auto loan is the fastest way to restore their credit rating. Over time, lenders look at these payments as evidence that a person is a good credit risk. It may take a while, but eventually your car payments can lead to better credit in all areas of your life.
For great cars and SUVs, shop Merchants Auto. We offer a generous inventory, onsite financing, a large service department, and a knowledgeable staff to serve your needs.

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