How a Pre-owned Chevy changed a 16-year-old’s life path

January 26th, 2015 by

While it seems like most automakers have at least one claim to fame, it’s not a given that they all will create an iconic vehicle — a household nameplate that goes down in automotive history as being one of the most epitomic of its kind. But then again, Chevrolet isn’t your average automaker, and the Chevy Camaro isn’t your cookie-cutter performance car.

The Camaro boasts that inimitable recipe of timeless design; aggressive performance; and youthful aesthetics that makes most other performance cars look half-baked. And speaking of showing up other classic cars, Adam Martin has spent a great deal of time and energy perfecting his 1968 Camaro since purchasing it back in the ’90s — but first he needed to attend auto mechanic school.

Here the whole life-changing story in the Petrolicious video below:

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