Go See Family in a New Car

November 26th, 2016 by

Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays are coming up fast. Can your car make it to your parents or grandparents for the special day? You don’t need to book a flight. You need a better car. You’ll find it at Merchants Auto. Value your trade.

Screening Process
As a leading used car dealer Manchester NH, our cars are carefully screened to provide you with the best value for your money. Once the vehicles are purchased from owners or auction, each one is put through exhaustive inspection by our highly trained mechanics. The goal is to find any lemons and get rid them of. After that, we look for ways to improve the good cars and make them ready for customer inspection. Your approval is the most important one. We don’t want to sell a clunker because our reputation is at stake. Isn’t it time trade up to a better car for your holiday travels?

Financing Process
While you may need a better car, you may think you can’t get one. Perhaps you are young and just starting out. Perhaps you have a low credit score or have experienced bankruptcy. Our staff has dealt with all of these issues and, more often than not, we can find financing regardless of your situation. A regular paycheck may be your ticket to the car you need. You won’t know unless you ask for help. You can start with our pre-approval process. It doesn’t cost you anything, and your credit score won’t be impacted by this soft inquiry.

Get ready for the holidays with a better ride from Merchants Auto used car dealer Manchester NH.


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