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July 7th, 2015 by

Is your car more than three years old? Then it is probably out of date when it comes to dash tech. Was it made before 2010? Then it is out of date when it comes to safety. It’s easy to catch up. With so many recent models on the lot at Merchants Auto, you can find the latest technology at used car prices. You can also get a deal that’s hard to beat at any other used car dealer Manchester NH.
More of the Fun
Merchants Auto has a team of buyers that work daily to find the best preowned cars and SUVs. More recent editions come with things like a touchscreen and smartphone integration. Of course, they also have Bluetooth for easy phone use. They often feature Bluetooth audio streaming which allows you to tap into iHeart Radio, Pandora and other internet music sources. More and more cars have HD radio as a standard feature. Many come with navigation. At used car prices, it is easier to afford the technology that is out of reach on a new car. Find out about financing.
More of the Safety
Insurance rates actually go down when you drive a car with more airbags and traction control. Electronic traction is an essential piece of equipment that is often missing from cars that were made prior to 2010. Likewise, many older cars have two or four airbags. Today’s cars have six airbags or more. This is safety equipment that can save your family. Why not trade your old model for a safer one? Value your trade with our fair appraisal tool.
Merchants Auto wants to be your used car dealer Manchester NH. Visit our lot for the best deals on the latest editions.

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