Get Going With Built-in Navigation at Merchants Auto

May 8th, 2015 by

2015 Kia Sportage TouchscreenIf you want built-in navigation, you can get a modern system without paying new car prices. That’s because Merchants Auto features many vehicles with built-in navigation. Check out the large inventory for yourself.

Built-in navigation can keep you out of traffic jams. The systems feature touchscreens and voice recognition, allowing you to operate the system by touch or by voice. It can help you find your way and basically insure that you never get lost. It can offer other features like traffic updates and road closures. You can use it to find the nearest restaurants, coffee shops, or shopping malls. It is a great asset when you are a tourist in a faraway city. If you have been longing for help on your daily journeys and long trips, you can find a good car with navigation at Merchants Auto. You’ll pay used car prices and find competitive financing, too.

Merchants Auto is all about choices. We offer up to 400 vehicles. Cars with navigation range in price from $10,000 and up. You’ll have diverse choices from Chevys and Fords to Mercedes and BMWs. Since these are preowned cars, you can get a higher level of comforts and conveniences, including navigation, at significant savings over a new car. Many of our customers tell us that this is why they shop with us. They want to get more for their money.
If you want navigation in your next car, but you thought you coudln’t afford it, you need to shop at Merchants Auto. Let our financing experts help you get a loan. Bad credit is less of an obstacle with our Buy Here Pay Here Manchester NH policy.

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