Five Reasons to Buy Used Instead of New

May 20th, 2016 by

If you are buying a car, you may be wondering if you should buy new or used. Well, buying used is buying smarter. Consider these five good reasons to buy used. Then stop by Merchants Auto for a look at our huge inventory.

1. The price is lower. Everyone knows this, but let’s translate that. A lower price on a used car means that you are getting more for your money. The vehicle has a long life ahead, but you paid less than a new car price. You get what you want without breaking your budget, especially if you have bad credit Manchester NH.

2. A lower price makes it easier to get a nicer car. If you start out at a new car’s base price, the amount you pay goes steeply upward if you want a higher trim level. With used cars, there’s more of a level playing field, and a nicer car may be priced in your budget range. Learn about credit amnesty.

3. A lower price means lower payment or a lower down payment. Buying a new car means paying top dollar for down payments and a higher rate for monthly payments. A lower price keeps you from breaking your budget before you even drive off the lot.

4. Warranties are available. If your used car is still under warranty, you’ve got coverage. If not, you can buy a warranty here and have the coverage you need. You’ll still come out ahead of a new car pricetag.

5. Financing is more flexible at Merchants Auto. You can find financing despite bad credit Manchester NH.