Finding Your Way Back To Financial Freedom

August 15th, 2014 by
When an individual cannot get fair credit, life can be difficult. The first step to true credit repair in New Hampshire is to get a good loan, but getting a good loan is exactly what banks and other auto lenders won’t let you do. That’s where Merchant’s Auto, which sells quality used cars in New Hampshire, really leads the way. We offer onsite financing to those who might be denied elsewhere. That’s why many customers come to us, and that’s what makes customers want to come back to us for quality used cars in New Hampshire.

Financial Repair
There are so many factors that can destroy your credit in one quick moment. It may be an untimely death, a divorce, a job loss or any other catastrophic event that leads to a foreclosure or bankruptcy. When these things happen, it feels like the end of the world. Getting help after the worst has happened is often frustrating, if not impossible. Still, if you are working, Merchants Auto can help you find credit repair in New Hampshire. Merchant’s Auto lives by the ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ slogan because we want to see you get a second chance in a good used car.

Fair Rates
One way we make good on our promise of credit repair in New Hampshire is to offer the fairest rates that we can. We start with a fair price on the car of your choice, and then we work with you to get the best possible rate for you. Our financing staff can help you weigh the options, look at payment plans, and find the best way for you to drive away in a quality used vehicle. Another way we make good on our promise is to offer fair trade-in values for your used vehicles.
If you are ready for your financial freedom, talk to the staff at Merchant’s Auto. Isn’t it time to reclaim your credit?

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