Find Your Next Toyota or Honda at Merchants Auto

October 16th, 2015 by

If you are looking for a Toyota or Honda, don’t head to a new car dealership until you check our lot. As a leading used car dealer Manchester NH, Merchants Auto is the best place to see these competitors side by side. It’s also the best place for financing, whether your credit is good or less than stellar.
The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla are top sellers in their segments. These cars often are considered investments not just a good ride. That’s because some 80 percent of Toyota cars and trucks are still on the road after 10 years. If you want a quality used car, it just makes sense to look for a Toyota. You’ll find a large selection of 25 or so at Merchants Auto used car dealer Manchester NH.
The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic run neck and neck with Toyota’s top sellers. The Honda CR-V has become the nation’s favorite sport utility vehicle. Again, these vehicles are seen as investments that can really pay you back with years of carefree ownership. Merchants Auto keeps over 400 vehicles in its inventory and is, therefore, able to offer a significant number of Hondas. Before you pay big money at the Honda dealership, let us show you our affordable supply of high-quality preowned Hondas.
Merchants Auto can help you with financing, too. Start with our easy online application. At a Toyota or Honda dealership, you are more likely to hear the word no. At Merchants Auto, our Buy Here Pay Here policy lets us say “yes” to that new-to-you Toyota or Honda.

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