Find The Right Vehicle in our Under-$199 Payment Inventory

October 22nd, 2016 by

At Merchants Auto, our large selection of under-$199 payment choices changes regularly because these are such affordable values. You will find all types of vehicles. Here’s a review of the type of vehicles we have with prices that low.

Car Choices
If you are looking for a good car, check out the large car selection in the under-$199 payment section. This may be a Chevy Sonic commuter car or a big Chevy Malibu. Our purchasers find the best cars from Mazda to Hyundai.

SUV Choices
While more of the under-$199 choices are cars, there are SUVs in the mix as well. You may find a Chevy Equinox or Ford Explorer. We strive to offer the options that will serve families on a budget.

Trim Levels
Don’t assume that just because the prices are low that there won’t be any higher trim levels. You may find leather seats, great dash tech, and more. You also may find lower mileage vehicles than you expect at these good prices, even if you have bad credit in Hooksett NH.

Trade Your Old Car
You may not think you can get anything for your old car. You should definitely talk to the staff at Merchants Auto. Value your trade.

Find Financing
You can find financing at the same place you find affordable used cars. Please ask our staff about overcoming bad credit in Hooksett NH. You can also get started with our online financing application.

Stop by for a closer look at our inventory. Let our staff help you find the right choice at the right price.

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