Find A Better Car With Financing You Can Afford

November 16th, 2015 by

Financing is the number one stumbling block for most car buyers, according to statistics. That’s where Merchants Auto can make such a difference for those with bad car credit Manchester NH. We make it easier for more people to get the loan they need.
Bad Credit Score
If you have a bad credit score, you’ll be surprised at how Merchants Auto can negotiate on your behalf. Our financing staff can find a deal, even when a driver has experienced an extreme event such as a bankruptcy in their past. We see shoppers every day who have dealt with financial catastrophes brought on by an illness, a job loss, a divorce, or other difficulties. With our help, these shoppers end up with a loan and a good used car. We can help you, too. Don’t let bad car credit Manchester NH keep you from a better ride. Let Merchants Auto help you today. Start with our free credit score estimation tool.
Good Credit Score
We also see many shoppers with medium or good credit scores. For these customers, we offer the ability to shop around and find the best rates. We don’t work with just one financial institution. Our loan experts work with many lenders to find the best rates. Before you shop anywhere else, give us a chance to show you the best rates. We want to be your partner in securing the best possible loan.
Whatever your credit score, a good car starts with our easy credit application. You’ll get quick feedback on your loan options and drive away happy in a new-to-you quality car.

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