Compare Ford to Chevy In One Place

August 11th, 2015 by

If you think that it is tough to choose a car, you are right! That’s because new car dealerships only feature one brand of car. At Merchants Auto, we let you compare Ford to Chevy in one place. This definitely has its advantages. You can see for yourself if the reviewers are right about the quality of the materials in the cabin. You can test drive the same-sized Ford and Chevy and see for yourself which one has more power. Why drag yourself between two dealerships when you can do it all at Merchants Auto!

Merchants Auto features many recent models of Chevys and Fords. You can see the latest cabin design and the current dash technology. Shoppers can try out the back seat of both the Chevy Cruse and the Ford Fusion, finding out for themselves which one is a better fit. You can test how the steering wheel adjusts and how the power-chairs adjust in a Ford Explorer or Chevy Tahoe. You can try out the fold-down seats to see which cargo hold really does suit your needs. Our buyers are always telling us that it is helpful to put these features to the test when you can do it back-to-back.
Fords and Chevys
Do we have enough Fords and Chevys for you to really have a choice? We think so. We keep from 20 to 45 of each on the lot at any given time. That means you really can see a Ford Fiesta and a Chevy Sonic on the same lot. Our goal is to compete with the brand dealers in terms of used car numbers. Why should they have the corner on the market? When we keep a large supply of Fords and Chevys, it helps make them more affordable for everyone. Unlike new car dealers, our finance department specializes in bad car credit Manchester NH.
Speaking of affordability, our goal is also to make financing more affordable. Our finance department can find you the best interest rates by shopping with different companies. If you have bad car credit Manchester NH, our financial counselors can find you a better loan that you can afford.
Whether you prefer Ford, Chevy or any other brand, you’ll find choices at Merchants Auto. When you shop with us, you’ll appreciate good deals and helpful financing.


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