Check Engine Light On? Four Leading Causes

September 26th, 2014 by
The check engine light just came on. What does it mean? Should you pull over? Run to the nearest automotive shop? You don?t have to go to the first place you see. In actuality, you just need to go to a good service department such as the full service one at Merchants Auto. For car repair in Manchester NH, schedule service online here. Here are four major reasons that your engine light is on.

Catalytic Converter
When the converter fails, carbon monoxide won?t get converted into less harmful carbon dioxide. The car may run poorly or it may run hotter. It certainly can?t pass an emissions test if the catalytic converter has failed. Fortunately, Merchants Auto mechanics have the expertise to identify and correct this problem.

Mass Airflow Sensor
If you want to avoid catalytic converter damage, this sensor must be operational. If it fails, this can damage other components such as your O2 sensors and/or spark plugs. Let the service technicians at Merchants fix this sensor before it causes other parts to fail. Concord NH car repair is our speciality.

Oxygen Sensor
If the O2 sensor is acting up, fuel economy can drop up to 40 percent. The faulty sensor may affect your spark plugs and catalytic converter. You can count on Merchants Auto for high quality Concord NH car repair.

Spark Plugs
If your spark plugs or the wires are failing, you may notice reduced power. Fuel economy can suffer, too. Damaged plugs can lead to damaged ignition coils, ruined O2 sensors and a clogged catalytic converter.

If your engine light is on, don?t ignore it. If these issues aren’t addressed, performance will suffer, and other components may become damaged. It actually pays you back to get repairs done in a timely manner. Merchants Auto service department can diagnose your problem and provide accurate repairs. You may call (866)795-3226 Monday through Saturday to get advice or schedule car repair in Manchester. Our online scheduling tool is available 24/7.

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