Cash For Your Car at Merchants Auto

November 11th, 2015 by

Unless you are rich, you can probably use some extra cash. If you need cash, one way is to sell a car you don’t need. You can do this at Merchants Auto, home of used cars Manchester NH. We buy as well as sell. It’s just another way that we serve our customers every day. What can we do for you?
The first step is to value your trade. You can do this with our online trade evaluation tool. You aren’t committing to the sale. You are just getting a baseline figure to help you when you make the sale. This is a no-strings process, and you don’t have to sell unless you want to.
You’ll want to bring your car for a final evaluation to be sure that you are getting the best amount for your car. You should bring any paperwork you have for the car, including the title, purchase records, service records, and so forth. You may have information that can strengthen your case for the maximum amount of cash.
When you learn the final amount, you’ll have seven days to decide if you want to take the cash. This money will be free and clear. There are no strings. In other words, we won’t pressure you to trade cars instead. We help people every week who are seeking cash for cars. It is our goal to help you. That’s one way we purchase quality used cars Manchester NH.
Once your deal is approved, you will have a check for the full amount within 24 hours. Ready for cash? Head to Merchants Auto.

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