Break Your Old Habits with a Newer Car

December 31st, 2016 by
Some habits are hard to break. Sometimes we hang onto an old car for all of the wrong reasons. If you keep paying for old car repair, trade up to a better ride. Our new-to-you inventory is full of good cars, trucks and SUVs that are sure to make you happy.
Trade Your Old Car
You can trade your old car and get rid of that money pit. We make it easy. Just ask our staff to do a quick evaluation. You’ll get a written estimate on the spot, and you’ll see the criteria on which it was evaluated. You can decide whether to accept our offer or not. Value your trade.
The biggest hurdle for many shoppers is financing. They may be afraid of the answers they’ll get if they have bad credit Hooksett NH. They may simply hate paperwork and not want to deal with dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Either way, shoppers can find the help they need from Merchants Auto. If you absolutely hate paperwork, take a look at how easy it is to start the loan process. Click on our online application to get started. We don’t require massive amounts of information, and you aren’t obligated to agree to our terms. Yet most shoppers find that we score better deals than conventional lenders who say no more often than yes. Give us a chance to go to work for you.
Don’t get stopped by bad habits. Lose the nostalgia for the old car that keeps breaking down. Trust us to help you with bad credit Hooksett NH. Take a test drive at Merchants Auto.
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