Before You Buy New, Price Used Trucks at Merchants Auto

July 4th, 2016 by

New trucks are often quite expensive. You can save time and money by shopping at Merchants Auto first. Our used truck inventory may be just the ticket for work, for family, and certainly for your budget. We even help with bad car credit Hooksett NH.

Making Your Choice
When you shop for a new truck, you go to a specific automaker and have one option. At Merchants Auto, you aren’t limited to a single choice. We offer trucks by many different automakers, and you can compare cabins, performance, and quality all in one place. If you are like other shoppers at Merchants Auto, you may come here wanting an F-150 and find that you like the Silverado better. You’ll certainly find that higher trim levels are more affordable when you are buying used.

Finding the Right Truck for Your Business
If you need a truck that can match your business needs, please talk to the helpful staff at Merchants Auto. We can tell you all about specifications, capabilities, and special features. Our trucks are ready to work hard for you. Get more for your trade.

Financing Your Truck
A wide range of financing options is available at Merchants Auto. With a simple online application, you can get started now. Difficult credit can be handled by our Buy Here Pay Here policies. This has helped many people with their bad car credit Hooksett NH, and chances are that it can help you.
Before you buy new, start with the high quality used trucks at Merchants Auto. With 400 vehicles on our 26-acre lot, surely there is one right for you.