Bad Credit, Drive a Toyota Today

October 3rd, 2014 by

Lots of Used Toyotas in Manchester at Merchants Auto
If you think you need to go to a Toyota-only dealership to find a good pre-owned Toyota in Hooksett, think again. Used Toyotas in Manchester are a speciality at Merchants Auto. At any given time, you will find more than thirty on our lot. This gives you a huge range of models and prices to choose from.

Toyotas are well known for their durability. Studies have shown that 90 percent of all Toyotas sold in the last ten years are still driving our roads today. Furthermore, of those sold in the last 20 years, 80 percent are still driveable. That means Toyotas are in it for the long haul. Used Toyotas in Manchester are a great buy at Merchants Auto, especially if you need bad credit financing in Hooksett.

Popular car models include the Yaris with its impressive fuel economy and the Avalon with its impressive size and luxuries. In between, you’ll find the best-selling Corolla and Camry as well as the best-selling hybrid Prius. Before you pay new dealer prices for a good preowned Toyota in Hooksett, you owe it to yourself to check out the inventory at Merchants Auto. You’ll find what you want at a great price with second chance financing to sweeten the deal.

SUVs and Trucks
Toyota’s RAV4 and Highlander are popular SUVs with many great features for your growing family. With four wheel drive, these SUVs can handle winters better. Then there’s the Toyota Tacoma, a great pickup truck with a nice cabin and Toyota’s promise of real durability. If you want a good used Toyota, head to Merchants Auto. You’ll find a real selection plus bad credit financing in Hooksett that you won’t get at a Toyota dealership.
Let Merchants Auto help you into a good Toyota car, truck or SUV.

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