A Guide to Today’s SUVs and Crossovers

October 27th, 2015 by

Are you interested in an SUV but aren’t sure which style will suit you? You are like many other shoppers. There are just so many different types these days that it can be confusing. Maybe this quick guide will help. If you need good used cars Hooksett NH, you need to start with Merchants Auto. Our Buy Here Pay Here polices are sure to get you the loan you need.
A crossover is considered a sport utility vehicle but it is often smaller. It still offers a tall seating position and a commanding view of the road. Crossovers offer many advantages. One is fuel economy. Another is a more manageable size. A third is handling. Most drivers say that a true crossover handles more like a car. When crossovers first hit the scene, they were strictly two-row vehicles. Three-row crossovers include the popular Chevy Traverse and the Honda Pilot.
Sport Utility
A regular sport utility vehicle is built on a truck body and may have a more powerful engine. These may be two- or three-row vehicles. The Ford Explorer and Chevy Tahoe are among the best selling large SUVs that are often on the lot at Merchants Auto. Learn about financing.
Compare Side by Side
If you can’t make up your mind between crossovers and SUVs, it is easy to see them all in one place. Just head to Merchants Auto for good used cars Hooksett NH. With our 400-plus inventory, we can show you a world of styles and sizes.

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