Ready for the Pi Day of the Century?

March 3rd, 2015 by

3.1415, etc. Such a simplified representation of Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. In truth, the decimal places go on forever, infinitely. We’ve calculated Pi to over 10 trillion digits using computers, yet we’re still going. Plodding on and on down the endless corridors of an irrational number.

While it may be mathematically confounding, on March 14th, 2015… aka 3/14/15, we all have a great excuse to stuff our faces with pie!

Sure, “Pi Day” comes every year on 3/14, but next week will be the only day of this century we may celebrate Pi day to 5 digits!

And of course, Pi day isn’t just about eating pie. It’s about understanding circles. Like, perhaps… those round things on your car that you’ve been neglecting all winter? Schedule an appointment with our Service Center, or shop tires at our parts store.

You could also celebrate Pi by getting behind a new set of wheels. Check out our Used Inventory for some great cars worthy of a Pi Day celebration!

Come celebrate the wheel with us for Pi day, at Merchants Auto in Hooksett, NH!


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