Picture Your Family in a Minivan

April 14th, 2015 by

2015 Honda OdysseyFamilies often outgrow a car. New babies are born. The kids get taller. The rides get longer. The need for space is at a premium. That’s when you really want a minivan. Merchants Auto offers different brands of minivans all in one place. You won’t find these choices at any other used car dealer Nashua NH.

Leading Brands
Merchants Auto offers many of the leading brands.

Where else can you compare a Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna on the same lot? We often feature the Dodge Caravan and its more luxurious cousin the Chrysler Town and Country. You can test drive the stylish Nissan Quest back-to-back with the Mazda 5 minivan. This is one car shopping trip where it pays to bring your family. After all, you want to see how they will fit.

People and Cargo
The great thing about these minivans is their ability to accommodate both people and cargo. Each van has a different style, but most offer fold-flat seats that turn the people hauler into a cargo mover. Some offer under-the-floor storage and other hidden compartments to safeguard important items like your electronics. Find out about financing.

Communications and Entertainment
Minivans offer everything from Bluetooth to touchscreen. In some, you can sync up to eight smart phones and give everyone a chance to stream their music over the audio system. Some offer rear entertainment systems with blu ray, DVD, and/or hookups for your gaming console.  If you are ready for a bigger ride, picture yourself in a minivan from Merchants Auto. As a major used car dealer Nashua NH, we try to keep a large inventory, but

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