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February 3rd, 2015 by

Leaking Cars: What To Do?

If you have noticed a leak under your car, the bad news is there’s no time to lose. The good news is that a quick fix may set it right again. Merchants Auto offers full Concord auto repair at our Hooksett location. You can schedule repairs online. Oil Is it engine oil? That’s always the first thing that we think when we see a tell-tale oily drip. Oil plugs do fail over time. If oil is leaking, you need to have that plug replaced quickly. Concord auto repair is affordable at Merchants Auto.

Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid may also seem oily. Yet this is a different problem.

You have many joints where lubricant must flow, and if there is something leaking, you can save your transmission by having it fixed immediately. Anti-Freeze/Coolant Leak Without your anti-freeze, winter driving will quickly become a nightmare. If this is leaking, it may be a joint or a hose. Whichever it is, the repair is much less expensive than allowing the loss of this vital fluid to damage your engine. Neosha car repair is available at Merchants Auto. Learn more.

Brake Fluid
Like transmission fluid, this can come from many different places. If your brakes aren’t lubricated, they can’t do their job. If you can’t stop, you could end up in an accident. It’s far cheaper to let the Neosha car repair experts at Mechanic’s Auto fix the problem fast. Regular Maintenance Mechants Auto offers regular tune-ups and oil changes. Truly, this early intervention can save you money and stress later. We can catch the leaks before they ruin your driveway. Don’t break down, have a wreck or ruin your vehicle forever due to a leak. Bring your car for a fast fix at Merchants Auto service department.

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