How to Improve your Image with a New Ride!

March 31st, 2015 by

2015 Kia Sportage 3If your current car is dingy or downright dinged up, it may not project the image you want. From a dressy sedan that enhances your work image to a sporty Jeep that matches your wild side, you can find it at Merchants Auto. We are New Hampshire’s award-winning used car dealer Manchester NH.

Dressed Up
If you drive customers around town or entertain clients, you need a car that reflects well on you. Nonluxury sedans now offer dressier, upscale looks. They are often dressed up with comforts and conveniences that make them a pleasure to drive. There are similarly dressy SUVs and crossovers. With so many choices in one place, you are sure to find the stylish ride that you need at a price you like. If you don’t see what you want at your used car dealer Manchester NH, give us the details and our car finder service will track down your preference.

Work Smart
If you need to present a hard-working image to the public, we’ve got you covered. We always have pickup trucks on the lot. We also offer commercial work vans. Financing is easier with our Buy Here Pay Here policies at Merchants Auto. We can help you get the auto loan you need.

Tech Savvy
If you need something tech savvy, you can get all the connectivity, apps and audio that your inner geek desires. It will come at a used car price to sweeten the deal.

Fun Ride
If you want to show the world how adventurous you are, we have you covered. There are Jeeps and other SUVs that can take you off-roading. We also carry sports cars for those with speed on their mind.
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