Get Traction Control In A Good Used Car

February 6th, 2015 by

2014 Honda Civic ExteriorIs it time to drive a safer car? If you are driving an old car, even one just six years old, you may be cheating yourself. Why? Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association ordered new safety measures, many of which took effect about five years ago. You can get good, often safer used cars Manchester NY at Merchants Auto.

New Car Inventory
When you take a look at our new car inventory, you will find that many cars, trucks and SUVs now have traction control. Airbag counts are generally six or higher in truly modern cars. Are you ready to find a safer ride?

Merchants Auto keeps a large inventory, allowing you to find the size you need. Cost Effective If you have had a wreck, you know how expensive it is. Even fender benders can cost you thousands. Well, traction control is reducing the number of car owners affected by the high economic costs of crashes. That’s one way that buying a good used car with traction control can be a cost-effective measure for you. Traction control will help you protect your investment in a better ride.

If you are ready to get started, you can apply online and get financing advice from our finance department. Value your trade. The Need for Traction Control The NHTSA and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have done studies that show how traction control features are preventing injuries and deaths. Don’t you deserve these features in the car you drive every day? Your family can be more protected, and every drive can be safer. Are you ready to be safer and enjoy a better ride? Visit Merchants Auto and test drive your choice of over 200 used cars Manchester NY.

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