Full Circle Services at Merchants Auto

February 17th, 2015 by

Merchants Auto works hard to be a modern dealership, offering you modern tools for online shopping and modern policies to help even those with bad credit.

We want to be your full service dealer for used cars Nashua NH.

Full Circle Merchants Auto tries to offer a full circle of services. That means we don’t skimp in the service department, like most used car dealers. It also means that we offer all types of financing, unlike new car dealerships. It means that we offer special services that some others don’t. For instance, we offer a Merchants Auto for Life policy that comes with many of our vehicles. Between this and other warranties, you can feel confident in your purchase of used cars Nashua NH at Merchants Auto.

Special Services
Did you know that we will buy your car, even if you are not trading with us? Where better to sell a used car than to a used car dealer of our size. We offer great trade-in values. You can even value your trade online. Your car can turn into cash in just a few simple steps. If we make an agreement on the sale price, we can cut you a check that day. What a great way to put money in savings or pay off bills?

Online Services
Our financing department offers a credit estimator, which lets you find out your score without going through an official credit check. We also have a finance calculator that lets you determine what payment plan may work for you. You can fill out an online application or, if needed, find out about bad credit repair. Of course, all of these services are in addition to the large inventory of choices that you’ll find on the lot at Merchants Auto.

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