Finding the Right Car For Your Life

March 10th, 2015 by

2015 Honda Fit  Nothing is more fun than car shopping. There are many types of vehicles with more features than ever before. What’s right for you? As the leading used car dealership Manchester NH, Merchants Auto offers every type of vehicle by many different automakers.

With more than 250 to choose from, you are bound to find the one that is right for your life. Car Types Today’s cars come in four sizes: subcompact hatchbacks, compact hatchbacks or compact sedans, midsized sedans, and full-sized sedans. Almost every automaker makes one of each. SUVs come in many sizes, too.

Crossovers are small or medium-sized SUVs that are more carlike in handling. Medium, large, and extra-large SUVs are more truck-like in their handling, but they offer tall, wide cabins with the best passenger space. The largest offer up to nine seats. Trucks offer 2,3, 5 and 6 person cabs. Some pickups have as luxurious an interior as many luxury cars. Your Type of Car Your lifestyle generally determines what car you need. Smaller families have many choices, limited only by budget. Larger families may consider a 3-row crossover, 3-row SUV or minivan.

You’ll find that our large assortment of newer vehicles have more modern safety systems and often more airbags. If you are a single person, you may be ready for something really sporty. Whether it’s a fun sports car, a luxury car, or a trail-ready Jeep, you are likely to find it at Merchant’s Auto. Students and other first-time buyers will find a big selection of inexpensive cars that are just right for those just starting out. Check out your choices at our used car dealership Manchester NH. You’ll also find many financing choices, including poor credit options, at Merchants Auto.

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