Don’t Invest in a Clunker

March 24th, 2015 by

2014 Honda Civic ExteriorBuying a used car means taking a gamble, when you buy from a stranger or even friends and family. A car in the want ads hasn’t been inspected. It could have many problems brewing under the hood or under the chassis. Frankly, it could be a clunker.

At Merchants Auto, we strive to offer only the best used cars. We make it easier to afford them, too, with our Buy Here Pay Here Manchester NH policies. Procurement When it comes to procurement, we are proactive about weeding out clunkers. We do our homework before purchasing vehicles for our inventory.

After years of experience, we know the warning signs. Our purchasing agents also know that we want to uphold our reputation as a leading used car dealer in New Hampshire. We can’t keep winning awards if we aren’t extremely careful in our choices. We consider this our first line of defense.

Of course, our second line of defense is the inspection process. Every vehicle is subject to inspection by our large, 18-bay service department. We are serious about avoiding clunkers because we want our customers to drive away happy and stay happy. Find out about financing. Warranties and More Many newer cars come with factory warranties still in place. For those under 75,000 miles, we offer a one month/1,000 mile warranty. Many cars are eligible for extended warranties. We also offer an engine repair agreement as part of our Merchants Auto for Life Policy.

Shop Merchants Auto for good, used cars. Remember our Buy Here Pay Here Manchester NH policy can make it possible for you to get a loan, even if your credit score is low.

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