Certified Pre-owned Vehicles For Sale in Hooksett, NH

Should You Buy Pre-Owned Vehicles In Hooksett?

Buying used cars has always been a way to save money while you enjoy the benefits of driving a car. However, a better alternative to buying used cars is buying pre-owned vehicles in Hooksett. Apart from the fact that certified pre-owned vehicles in Hooksett minimize the risk of buying used vehicles, they also give you more value for your money than when you buy a new car. These vehicles must meet specific mileage and age requirements before they can be approved as certified pre-owned vehicles. Apart from that, these vehicles also go through thorough inspections and get extended warranties from the dealership.

Before You Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles:

1) Confirm The Authenticity Of The Vehicle

You need to confirm that the vehicle you’re about to buy is a certified pre-owned vehicle. The dealer you buy the car from should be the dealer who deals with that particular brand of vehicles. You can check for the CPO logo of the vehicle on the window sticker. Find out who is providing the warranty for the vehicle and compare the information.

2) Find Out What Is Covered By The Warranty

You should expect that the vehicle will come with a limited warranty that will cover mainly the transmission components, the powertrain and major engine. Not every brand covers the powertrain and what is covered varies from one brand to the other. Find out all the things that will be covered under the warranty of the pre-owned vehicle.

3) Check It Out

It’s important that you check the car out. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a used car, new car, or CPO car. You should always inspect the car thoroughly. The last thing you want to do is buy a car that has a body or engine damage that you didn’t know about. Look out for obvious and subtle issues. If you can’t personally inspect the car yourself, take a mechanic along to help you with the inspection.

4) Persist

When it comes to buying a car, you need to be smart and persistent. If somethings don’t add up, follow up and get to the root. Make sure that everything meets the specifications. If you notice that any part of the vehicle doesn’t meet the prescribed specs, go back to the dealer and find out why this is so. Normally, the dealer may not be ready to help you out with the problem. If you just ask ones and give up, you’ll not get a solution. You need to be persistent. When you keep pushing, the dealers will eventually bulge and get you the right vehicle. Persistence is key.


Buying pre-owned vehicles in Hooksett is a good way to reduce the risks attached to buying used cars. When you purchase from the right dealer, and the car meets the requirements, you’ll get the real value of your money. Make sure you check for warranties and inspect the vehicle properly before you proceed. You’ll save time and money when you do the right thing. In the end, you’ll have your car in good shape.