New Cars vs. Used Cars in Hooksett, NH

4 Smart Reasons Why People Choose Hooksett Used Cars Over New Ones

A slick, new car has gotten your attention. The adverts on TVs and papers draws you into a car stand to see that new, shiny car. But are you really in need of a new car? Of course, it has all the whistles and bells and also a very attractive financing option, but are there better alternatives? Sure! Hooksett used cars are a great alternative to new cars.

A lot of people have been purchasing used cars rather than new ones over the year, and there are a lot of reasons why they do so. Investing in Hooksett used cars can save you a lot of money, provide you with quality transportation for years, and also give you the same satisfaction you’ll get from a new car.

Used cars have been the best choice for most people for quite a long time now. In this article, you will be exposed to some of the reasons why people choose Hooksett used cars over new ones. Listed below are some of the smart reasons why:

Purchasing a Used Car Can Save You A Lot of Money

Generally, the prices of used cars are almost 50 percent lower than the prices of new cars. You’ll be able to pay off or save up for a used car much faster than you could for a new car; this will in return save you lots of cash. People usually change their cars after using for five years, and if you spent $7,500 for a used vehicle rather than $15,000 for a new car, you could go for a much nicer vehicle for your next car. Or you can even buy another car for $7,500; this means you will have two used cars for the price of one new car.

The Depreciation Has Already Taken Place

People complain a lot about the speed at which new cars depreciate immediately they drive the car off the lot. A new car’s value reduces by 11 percent once you are on your way home with the car. This means a car you bought $15,000 is worth $13,350 as soon as it leaves the lot. As weeks, months, and years go by, the depreciation continues. With Hooksett used cars, the majority of the depreciation has already occurred. Some used cars may even add more value.

No Extra or Hidden Charges

Investing in a new vehicle might look great, but a lot of new cars have crazy and hidden charges such as dealer preparation, destination fees, and shipping fees. Some prices for new cars usually include hidden advert charges that can sometimes be as high as $1,000. Hooksett used cars have no hidden charges, but you might still be required to pay for other things, which won’t cost you much.

Reduced Customization Costs

When purchasing a used vehicle, you will not be settling for expensive add-ons of dealerships. When buying a new car, you will be forced or tricked to buy these expensive add-ons. But when you opt-in for a used car, you can install your own at a very cheap and affordable rate.