Used Vehicles Self-Inspection Guide in Hooksett, NH

Hooksett NH Used Vehicles: How To Inspect Used Vehicles Before Buying

Purchasing a used vehicle that is completely free from trouble has nothing to do with luck. Everything boils down to your investigative and research skills. Being able to spot potential issues and determining how reliable Hooksett NH used vehicles are can save you from a whole lot of stress and expenses in the long run.

This article will guide you on how to inspect Hooksett NH used vehicles before making that non-refundable investment. Listed below are some of the inspection processes you need to follow.


Body Condition

Check the body of the vehicle very well, look for rust, dents, and scratches. Carefully check the lines of the doors and fenders. Large gaps or misaligned panels can be an indication of shoddy or factory repair or sloppy assembly. The finishing and paint color of the car should be the same all through.

If you suspect any part of the body is patched with filler, you can use a little magnet to test it. A magnet will not stick to an area that is patched with body filler. If you find light scratches or minor cosmetic flaws, it is nothing to worry about, but rust is a great cause for concern. Check the exterior of the car for rust or blistered paint.

You also need to examine the doors. Open and close each one, including the truck and hood. Gently lift the doors and let go, especially the driver’s door. If the hinges of the doors are loose, it means the vehicle has seen long and hard use. You should also check the rubber seals for rot and tear.

Lenses and Lights

You need to check all the lights to ensure they are working perfectly. You also need to make sure that all the reflectors and lenses are in good condition and not missing, fogged with moisture, or cracked.


Take a close look at the glass of the car to ensure that there are no pocked, large areas or cracks. A little stone chip shouldn’t be a cause for alarm; you can even use it as a point of bargain during the negotiation.

But you should know that cracks in the windshield might get worse and result in an expensive repair. So when buying Hooksett NH used vehicles, you need to inspect the windshield very well.



Try out both the front and back seats of the car. Upholstery should not be badly worn or ripped, especially in a vehicle with low mileage. Examine the seat adjustments to ensure they are in good shape.


The rubber on the gas, clutch, and brake pedals will give you an indication of the usage. A vehicle with low mileage should not indicate much wear. Brand new or worn out pedal rubber shows that the vehicle has been used a lot.


Inspect the roof trim or headliner for sags or stains to see if water is penetrating the sunroof, windows, or ill-fitting doors. If the vehicle is equipped with moonroof or sunroof, open and close it to see if it is in good shape and if it seals properly when shut.